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A New Advanced Diet Formula That’s Actually Backed by Testing and Research

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It seems like every day there’s another new weight loss product on the market, and just as quickly some pill or supplement is being recalled — either because they don’t work or they’re not safe. One of the key reasons for this is simple: money.

These fly-by-night diet companies create “new” products that they say will help people lose weight, but they don’t always conduct proper research on what they’re putting into them. They instead go for the latest “fad” weight loss ingredients.

That’s not good for two key reasons:

  1. Many of these ingredients haven’t undergone any kind of real testing to see if they’re effective for weight loss.
  2. Many tout the benefits of research studies from specially formulated proprietary standardized ingredients all the while adding cheap, non-branded, and non-standardized ingredients to their products.


Enter Max Muscle and Lean Garcinia, a new weight-loss comob that’s getting a lot of industry attention — even being picked up exclusively by GNC stores within three days of its release. Max Muscle comes from the Boston-based nutritional specialists behind such top-selling, highly-respected products as Nugenix, Beneflex and Instaflex. These researchers carefully selected key ingredients with clinical research showing significant results to create the powerful Max Muscle and Lean Garcinia formulation.

Key ingredients in Max Muscle come with strong backing. There’s Tyrosine, an amino acid that many people have used to build lean muscle, and Vitamin D3, which plays a role in overall health.

Lean Garcinia contains Garinia Cambogia Extract, a proprietary extract from the south Asian fruit Garcinia Cambogia standardized to 60% Hydroxycitric Acid. A clinical study on Garcinia Cambogia shows that, due to its unique biochemistry, this ingredient is an appetite suppressant. Lean Garcinia is also clinically researched to reduce calorie intake.

“Research has shown that Americans often underestimate how many calories they are consuming each day by as much as 25%.”

Psychology Today called the Max Muscle and Lean Garcinia combo, “Nature’s own weight management. This powerful combo curbs cravings and increases lean muscle. The result is losing weight and pumping muscle.”

And, right now, the company behind Max Muscle is giving away 14-day trial kits to qualified participants.

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