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Sex is Important – The Benefits of Having Safe Sex

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Our knowledge about sex is too limited. Incomplete knowledge about sex might be more dangerous as compared to no knowledge. The most enjoyable experience of your life is the sex. It is very important that you do it with perfection so that it provides you maximum satisfaction and no complications. Give and take pleasure at the same time is the complete process of sex. Honesty and passionate love is the key success to every relationship and sex. Both the partners must play their roles with equal enthusiasm and love. It is a common myth that only men are in the need for frequent sex. The reality is the women feel the same need for physical release and go about finding pleasure the same way men do. But we must always remember that relationship is more than just sex it’s about love, care and trust.

Benefits of safe sex:

    • Sex can relieve pain.


    • Lovemaking can fight off depression.


    • It strengthens your relationship, brings people together.


    • Sex is good for your heart.


    • Sex improves your immunity.


    • Sex can cure insomnia.


    • Sex relieves stress.


    • Sex can help you to lose weight.


    • For men, sex reduces the risk for prostrate cancer.


    • Sex improves self-esteem.


    • Sex can improve emotional health as well as memory.


    • Sex can save a man’s life


Sex is the most difficult topic to discuss upon. This topic is the personal and private matter that nobody wants to chat upon. Sex has a huge impact in our life. On an average after every 5 seconds males think about sex stuff and women about 8 seconds on an average. So it is very important to talk upon. It is beautiful abstract of our life which is filled with emotions, feeling and sensations. Many teens have partial information about sex and sexual relationship which can ruin their life. Addiction of anything can be very bad. Sex addiction is coming into notice these days a lot. Learn more about sex and enlighten your soul by the pleasure it is able to provide you. Read on internet or in books, learn with personal experiences and stay away from miseries. Do nothing that makes you repent in near future.

Use Condoms and Play Safe, Stay away from AIDS…

Sex adds spice to your life. In some people sex needs are very high and sometimes very low so it varies from person to person. Understanding the dry spells and avoid panicking over them is always recommended to live a happy life. If your marriage isn’t working well and you want to add some spice in it. Here are some helpful tips for you. Try out some sexy clothing like something fetish or why not try sexy lingerie. Fantasies and role playing can also add lots of happiness in your sex life. Try out new positions of sex which provide more satisfaction and pleasure. These slight changes can give a kick starting to the passion back into action. You both will be dating and living with each other same as if you were before marriage.


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