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Why You Should Have a Personal Trainer


Our sitting jobs are making us overweight and unfit. Obesity has covered almost the entire globe. Fitness is very important to live a healthy and happy life. More and more people are getting aware about the benefits of staying fit. Busy work schedules make us unfit and fat. Various weight loss programs...

Sex & Women

Sex is Important – The Benefits of Having Safe Sex


Our knowledge about sex is too limited. Incomplete knowledge about sex might be more dangerous as compared to no knowledge. The most enjoyable experience of your life is the sex. It is very important that you do it with perfection so that it provides you maximum satisfaction and no complications. Give...

Health, Nutrition

What is so Special About Brain Supplements & Why You Should Be Taking Them?


Nervous system manages all the parts of the body. Brain is important organ of the nervous system. Healthy diet and regular exercise plays a crucial role in best functioning of the brain. Our brain is the most sophisticated organ of our body. It can very frustrating when forget things easily and it becomes...

Sports Health Science

These 3 No Weight Workouts Can Shape your Body with Little Effort


“Health is Wealth” as we all know fitness is very important to live a prosperous and happy life. Everybody is looking for hottest workouts to shape their body perfectly. Without the well trimmed body it is impossible for you to feel about yourself. The best way to stay fit is doing some hottest workouts...

Featured, Nutrition

New ‘Steroid Alternative’ Sparks Controversy in Supplement Industry – Should This New Product be Banned?

‘Growth Factors’ Boost Muscle Growth 600% vs. Placebo — But Do They Provide Athletes an ‘Unfair Advantage’? A new dietary supplement containing a pair of specialized fatty acid “growth factors” is the hottest steroid alternative going in amateur athletics — but...