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Essential Pre And Post Workout Diet Plan

article5Exercise is not only the way to get healthy and avoid physical problems; it also has become the great factor of having perfect shape of body which can beautify your outer look along with increasing your inner strength. Workout has now become the important part of healthy life style. We have so many advantages of proper workout which maintain blood sugar levels, endurance, and flexibility, increases our bone density, protecting our heart and lungs and many more. We should include workout in our daily routine to lead healthy life. There is also an important fact that only workout cannot give you the healthy body, you need to have good diet before and after workout because you need to provide your body essential energy which you have lost after hard workout. This article will surely help you in finding out the diet which you must include in your workout schedule.

Diet before workout:
Green Smoothies:
This is the drink you must drink before starting your workout as it is filled with carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamins and minerals which can be easy to digest. Before hard work out your body need energy and green smoothies can become a good treat to your body.

If you are planning to workout in afternoon you can have Quinoa at lunch as it is fantastic energy food which you can have few hours before your workout. It can provide carbohydrates, proteins and also help in repairing your muscles.

• Avocado:
If you are planning to continuous workout you must have avocado few hours before your workout as it contains the healthy fat which can boost your body when carbohydrates depletion occurs.

• Nuts and Seeds:
If you are planning for sustained exercise you can boost your body energy with nuts and seeds as it covers all the micronutrients that can boost up your body.

• Oatmeal:
Eating oatmeal before an hour or two hours before exercise as it can fill your body with carbohydrate energy which is really important for intense workout.

Diet After Workout:
• Protein Smoothie:
After workout your body feel very low as all its energy has been drained out. So revive your body protein smoothie is really a great idea with power protein smoothie which is loaded with Chia, acai and other important source of protein. This is not only delicious but also a healthy way to replenish your body with energy and to stabilize your blood sugar after workout.

• Coconut Water:
It is perfect natural way to replenish your energy which you have lost with your sweat during workout. It is really a better option to drink a natural thing after your workout rather than having bottled beverages of your fridge.

• Chocolate Milk:
These days chocolate milk has become the most wanted drink of post workout over water or other sports drinks. As one glass of chocolate milk contains proteins or carbohydrates that are perfect for muscle recovery and the water content in is helpful in replacing the fluid lost.

• Grilled chicken and mixed vegetables:
After the sustained workout your body comes in recovery mode and then you have to take the dish which is full of nutrients. Chicken can be the good idea as it contains protein and carbohydrates and vegetables are always recommended for healthy and happy life.

• Banana:
This is one of the essential which you can have pre and post workout foods as it contains carbohydrates, minerals such as potassium and fiber.

All these tips can really help you to have perfect body without compromising health. So eat well, work hard and live a happy and healthy life.

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