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Different Workouts Which Can Change Your Life

article2For having perfect body you need to know the types of workout you should do. Basically the physical workout is falls into four basic categories: – Endurance, Strength, Balance and Flexibility. Most of people do only one of these workouts and think it is enough to have a perfect and healthy body. To see the effects of your workout you need to include all four workouts in your exercise routine so that you body can take the advantage of workout which it has been going through. Moreover this can also add the touch of something in your daily workout and protect you from getting bore of your daily workout routine.

Four types of workout programs:

  • Strength workout:

The strength training not only builds muscle but also help in burning calories which eventually lose the weight you want to run away. There are so many strength workouts for your each body part.

a)    For arms:

Before any workouts first thing you must do is little warm up so that your body get ready for long term workout. For arms the different strength workouts are traditional push-ups, wall push –ups, knee push-ups and pull-ups. These exercises make your arms stronger and help in body weight loss.

b)    For Abs:

For having perfect abs you should do- sit ups, crunches, reverse crunches, double crunches, abdominal curls and oblique twists.

c)     For lower body:

Squats, half squats, sumo squats, star jumps, one- legged hop, forward kicks, back kicks and much more.

  • Flexibility exercise

For improving your joint and muscle motion you need to do flexibility exercise which is categorized as below:

a)     For thigh:

For thigh flexibility you need to hold the top of your right foot with your left hand and gently pull it up towards your back and then repeat with your other leg.

b)    For upper body:

Push your arms slightly up and back with the palms facing upwards. You can do this either in sitting position or in standing position.

c)     For shoulder:

Pull the elbow across the chest towards the opposite shoulder gently and repeat this with other elbow too.

  • Cardiovascular and Aerobics exercise:

This exercise can improve physical endurance and personal stamina. You should not do it in excessive amount as this can hurt your body. This can help in losing weight, reducing health risks, manage chronic conditions like high blood pressure, strengthens your heart.

  • Balance workouts:

This is helpful in improving the balance and coordination of your body. You can do workouts like standing on one foot, heel-to-toe walk and Tai chi for increase the balance of your body.

The combination of all these workout programs can helps you in having perfect and healthy body. If you are a sportsperson with these workouts you can enhance your activity, speed, strength and endurance. So try more exercise technique to explore more so that you can improve the quality of your life with the goodness of good health and body.

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